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Custom Metal Fabrication

Is about far more than simply creating components and tools.

Thieman Manufacturing Technologies, TMT, is a Custom Metal Fabricator and CNC Machine Shop that is headquartered in North Carolina. Located just outside of Charlotte, our metal fabrication process offers efficient and cost-effective solutions by combining our expert services and advanced machinery with over 20 years of experience. We focus on complete customization to create processes, parts, and prototypes that fit diverse industry needs based on your expert design.

When you need precision parts, TMT upholds the highest standards for quality, affordability, and quick turnaround. Our metal fabricators manufacture Metal parts to exceed expectations and make it our mission to provide service that sets us apart from other metal fabrication companies. Our CNC Services include Laser Cutting, Plasma Cutting, CNC Punching, Metal Forming, and MIG & TIG Welding as our core services. Throughout the process we also provide, CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Metal Sawing, Metal Rolling, and Finishing to complete the unique specifications of every order.

Thieman Manufacturing has the experience and flexibility to work with national corporations and independently owned companies. From low to high volume manufacturing, we are a metal fabrication company that delivers exceptional results created from proven techniques, execution, and quality equipment and materials. Whether Carbon Steel, Aluminum Fabrication, Stainless Steel, or Copper Fabrication, our machine shop has the capabilities to complete the steel fabrication or manufacturing of any component or part with precision


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Cutting Edge Metal Fab
Cutting raw materials to fit with custom metal fabrication specifications is a specialty of ours at TMT. We create value throughout our services by offering a variety of different techniques and methods such as laser and plasma cuts, which are each chosen for its ability to deliver fast turnaround and optimum quality results for the specific project at hand.

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Custom Precision Technologies
Among the many advantages of working with TMT is our extensive engineering background. These capabilities allow us to not only understand the technical aspects of any custom component request but also to look beyond “what’s standard” and instead offer solutions on a level of “what’s better.”

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Carolina Custom Metal Finishing
Once created, your fabricated project must be properly finished in order to yield the best possible results in the application the component is expected to perform. Our capabilities include several different options to offer better control, timing, and project costs.

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Carolina Custom Metal Works
Shaping metal to fit a specific purpose requires both knowledge and experience – which is exactly how TMT brings so much value to the metal fabrication process. We use a combination of conventional and leading-edge techniques to create components that match specifications and perform beyond expectations in real-world applications.

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Carolina Fabricators
At the heart of custom fabrication is an understanding that “stock” items are either best possible or cannot be used in their original state. Thankfully, CNC technology allows precise accuracy in transforming metal materials to exact specifications, as a single component, or across an entire product line – all with consistent quality, measurements, and adherence to plans.

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Carolina Custom Welding Services
Joining metals together is an exacting science that requires the utmost commitment to proper technique and quality control. At TMT, we execute MIG and TIG welding in a professional manner. Just like our other services, we take welding very seriously, with a fully equipped facility and expert knowledge of proper equipment, solders, alloys, and compliance regulations.

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Using Expert Fabrication to Engineer Custom Metal Components Essential to Success.

In the world’s most demanding industries - including Energy, Utility, Mining, Railroad, Gas & Petrochemicals - TMT is the name private and public companies alike rely upon for parts that are manufactured exactly as specified in the design and with equal or better performance as original equipment manufacturers.

Why? Because only TMT has decades of expertise in custom metal fabrications ranging from medium-to-large fabricated and welded components, to full assemblies of medium-to-heavy-gauge sheets and plates, and a variety of industrial-grade metal components in between. Starting with your own design, TMT provides careful analysis and review of project needs, then presents a detailed quote of costs and timing, and then works expeditiously to meet or exceed quality and precision guidelines relating to the manufacture of your component… and we don’t rest until we know you’ll be satisfied.

If your business relies on dependability, precise quality, on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and proven engineering expertise - then TMT is the metal fabrication specialist that you can count on to handle any capacity and deliver exceptional parts.

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