Precision CNC Machining Services

Our precision CNC machining services provide 1:1 accuracy to manufacture custom metal and parts. For each job, we stick to your specific plans and designs to guarantee exact measurements and the highest quality of work. Through every step of the way, we’ll provide beneficial guidance and consultation that gets you the best possible outcome out of your project. 

Our precision CNC machining Services include both milling and turning. These capabilities allow us to produce or reproduce almost any 2D or 3D shape to your liking. 

Our machines are proficient in making the prototype or parts you need to complete your job. The high turnaround rate of CNC Machining services means you’ll receive your materials quick and precise. 

With our CNC machining services, you can guarantee the utmost precision and quality with every part made. 

Our machining options include:

CNC Milling

TMT can produce (or reproduce) almost any 2D or 3D shape, providing the material itself can be reached by the CNC Milling tools. We’ll provide consultation and guidance on your project to determine suitability and the best approach for reaching your intended outcome.

CNC Turning

Details, rounded designs, grooved details, and other elements that must be produced in 360-degrees or 3D are ideally suited for TMT’s CNC Turning technicians. We’ll evaluate metal, materials, and desired level of finish in creating a plan for your project.

CNC Punching

With the help of a CAD file, our CNC Punching equipment has the capabilities to create custom holes or precision cut indents in sheet metal. Our punch press machines can function with various sheet metals up to 12 gauge thick. 

Types of Metals for CNC Machining