CNC Milling Services

Our precision CNC machining services provide rapid milling and high accuracy to manufacture custom metal and parts. Our CNC Machines are able to quickly cut 2D and 3D parts with high precision – no matter the part or prototype. 

Our machine shop provides access to 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis milling with 90 degree capabilities. With our various machines, we’re able to create and produce CNC milled parts that can range from simple parts to complex prototypes. At Thieman, we provide Same-Day pricing to help your project get started faster.

CNC Milled Parts & Applications

Our CNC Milling Process

Step 1: The Process of CNC Milling begins with a CAD (computer-aided design) of the part you are looking to get made.

Step 2: The CAD file is then converted into a CNC supported file that navigates the movement of the CNC mill showing it where to move, how fast it should spin, and where the metal should move.

Step 3: From there, the milling tool starts to rotate on a spindle and begins the cutting of the final shape. Speeds can reach up to thousands of RPMs.

Step 4: Once the shape is cut, the part is then finished with the appropriate finish and then ready for the post-production process.

Metal Finishes for CNC Milled Parts

Why Choose CNC Milling?

– Durable Metal-

Our CNC Milling processes and various machine types produce  highly durable and precision cut parts.

– Fast Turnaround –

CNC Machining makes rapid turnaround possible for low volume and high volume production of parts.

– Metal Selection –

Our CNC Machining services create the convenience of many custom options for CNC milled parts.

– Scalable Manufacturing –

CNC Machining allows for scalable manufacturing, making it possible to increase or decrease output as needed.

Request A Quote for CNC Milling

Our quotes are designed to be competitive on pricing, and provide high turnaround times for project pricing. We’re able to provide 24-hour quotes, and complete most with the Same Day. 

CNC milling machines are designed for high-precision production of parts and prototypes. Our CNC Milling services are offered available anywhere in the United States. Thieman guarantees quality, competitive pricing, and fast turnaround times on all services backed by over 20 years of industry experience.