Aerospace & Defense Fabrication
That Makes A Difference

Trusted to fabricate the highest grade metal parts for aerospace & defense, Thieman Manufacturing Technologies provides expert machining and metal fabricating options to increase the overall performance of custom aerospace components. With unmatched CNC Machining Services and Metal Fabrication Services, our engineers have established proven solutions that increase the performance, precision, and reliability of each product. 

Our services are made up from some of the finest precision metal forming, bending, welding, cutting, and sawing services available. For over 20 years, TMT has set a standard for high-quality fabrication that companies in a variety of industries around the United States trust and call upon to manufacture their custom metal components. With a fast-turnaround and precision quality, we have established ourselves as a leading choice for metal fabricated parts. 

Our Machining Capabilities

With the strict demands and regulations for aerospace and defense, TMT makes sure that every component meets the needed requirements demands. Our machining capabilities stretch a long way in the metal fabrication industry, with each service offering the precision detail and fast turnaround rates. Our skilled engineers have years of experience manufacturing custom metal components for aerospace & defense and a number of different industries all over the world. We have the solutions to your next fabrication project. 

Our Work Includes Creating A Variety of Metal Parts for Aerospace & Defense  Industries All Over.

  • Components for windmills
  • Parts for solar panels
  • Railing
  • Accumulator and receiver tanks
  • Brackets
  • Tubing

High-Grade Metal Finishes For Aerospace Parts

Our Metal Fabrication Materials

Why Industries All Over The Country Choose Us

– Durable Metal-

Our metal fabrication process produces highly durable and precision cut parts and prototypes .

– Fast Turnaround –

Our turnaround for fabricated parts are often processed and completed within just 2-3 weeks of an order.

– Material Variety –

Our metal fabrication services combine many options, ranging from the type of metal, it strength, finish, and durability.

– Scalable Manufacturing –

Our parts are manufactured on-demand, and our process allow us to effectively create 1 prototype or 1000s of parts.

Building For Every Industry

A point of purchase display made from sheet metal fabrication.
Point of Purchase Display
Using Metal fabrication for the power industry to create products for power plants.
Power Generation
Light holders made from metal fabrication for the lighting industry.
Electric towers made from carolina metal fabricators in the energy market.
Energy Markets
A train using supplies made from metal fabrication for the railroad industry.
Railroad Fabrication
Metal structures and equipment created by steel fabrication in charlotte nc for the petrochemical industry.
Metal fabrication services to assist the utility industry.
Two telecommunication industry satellites made from metal fabrication.
A mining machine using tools and equipment made from steel metal fabricators in Charlotte nc
A surgery room full of custom metal medical machining and components.
Medical Fabrication
Part of the engine being show inside the metal hood.
Automotive Fabrication
A picture of a fabricated robotic arm.
Robotics Fabrication
Metal equipment for the oil and gas industry

Your Next Big Project Starts Here

Get started with metal fabricators who have 20+ years of experience in the industry. We can handle those small production runs or repairs or replacements and those bigger projects to really help improve performance. Each parts is cost-effective with a fast turnaround time, so your company saves time and money on needed metal parts. Request a quote to get more information on the parts you need.