Metal Fabrication for the Mining Industry

Thieman Manufacturing is proud to build custom metal parts for machines and equipment in the mining industry. Our sheet metal fabrication services and CNC machining services create durable machinery to extract minerals and materials through surface mining and sub-surface mining. Each of our custom metal services are made with the ability to provide companies all over the United States with the durable parts needed to withstand the high demands of mining. 

Our reputation as expert steel fabricators has been earned with high quality expertise on every part we make. Our factory lies just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, but we provide metal fabrication services to companies in the mining industry all over the country. With superior steel fabrication, we look to establish ourselves as a top choice for custom metal parts for the mining industry.

Our Machining Capabilities

With such harsh working conditions in the mining industry, parts and equipment need to be made with high durability and exact specifications. Our engineers are trained with highly rated equipment to use proper techniques to build outstanding equipment to withstand a variety of different elements. Mining equipment needs to be durable, especially when it comes to sub-surface mining. With the proper build and metal finish, you can assure that your part will be ready for the conditions ahead. Request a Quote and upload your CAD File so we can give you an idea on the time and price of the project. 

Our Work Includes Creating A Variety of Mining Parts and Structures

  • Mine Cars
  • Machinery
  • Belt Drives
  • Draglines
  • Hybrid Shovels
  • Mobile Mining Crushers
  • Surface Feeder-Breakers
  • Conveyor Products
  • Conveyor Sizers
  • Electric Rope Shovels
  • Dipper Buckets
  • Dipper Doors
  • Bails
  • Equalizers

High-Grade Metal Finishes

A standard finish is minimal, and is left with a raw-form metal.

Also called “Bead Blasting,” this finish creates a smooth matte appearance on metals.

Powder coating is a painting process where powdered paint is sprayed on a part or application prior to heating. The result is a strong layer that is more resistant to wear and corrosion.

This process also allows for a wide selection of colors for the further  customization of color.


This layer of zinc coating provides protection from corrosion.

Also known as Chem Film or Chemical Conversion Coating, this metal coating provides corrosion resistance and conductive properties. This coat may also be used as a base for painted or color finishes.


This three-step process coats fabricated metals in a bath of molten zinc, protecting it from corrosion.

A process that alters the physical and chemical properties of a metal, by heating it or cooling it to extreme temperatures to make the material harder or softer. 

Using a pump, spray, or pressurized vessel, liquid paint is evenly applied to a part or application.

This dipping (immersion) process uses organic paint particles, where the paint based finish is able to stick on a metal surface with the help of electrical currents. 

If a custom finish is required for an order, or the finish is not listed on our site, please include this information when requesting a quote. We can likely still complete the project. 

Our Metal Fabrication Materials

Why Industries All Over The Country Choose Us

– Durable Metal-

Our metal fabrication process produces highly durable and precision cut parts and prototypes .

– Fast Turnaround –

Our turnaround for fabricated parts are often processed and completed within just 2-3 weeks of an order.

– Material Variety –

Our metal fabrication services combine many options, ranging from the type of metal, it strength, finish, and durability.

– Scalable Manufacturing –

Our parts are manufactured on-demand, and our process allow us to effectively create 1 prototype or 1000s of parts.

Building For Every Industry

Light holders made from metal fabrication for the lighting industry.
A point of purchase display made from sheet metal fabrication.
Point of Purchase Display
A train using supplies made from metal fabrication for the railroad industry.
Two telecommunication industry satellites made from metal fabrication.
Electric towers made from carolina metal fabricators in the energy market.
Energy Markets
Metal fabrication services to assist the utility industry.
Metal structures and equipment created by steel fabrication in charlotte nc for the petrochemical industry.
Using Metal fabrication for the power industry to create products for power plants.
Power Generation
Metal equipment for the oil and gas industry
An airplane on a runway.
Aerospace & Defense
Medical Fabrication
A picture of a fabricated robotic arm.
Robotics Fabrication
Part of the engine being show inside the metal hood.
Automotive Fabrication

Request A Quote for Metal Fabricated Parts

At Thieman, we’re able to provide 24-hour quotes to most of our clients. Our quotes are designed to be competitive on pricing and give high turnaround no matter the size of the project. For over 30 years, we have provided precision metal fabrication in Charlotte to companies all over the United States. Whatever part you’ll need, our engineers will determine if we are in fact the right fabricators for the job. 

Our work building equipment and parts in the mining industry is top-quality. We have the experience and expertise necessary to produce the correct part you need with the exact durability you’re looking for. Finally, each piece will be finished with the correct metal finish of your choosing. Contact us today to get one step closer to your next project.