Metal Fabrication to Improve The Petrochemical Industry

One of our specialties at Thieman Manufacturing Technologies is providing custom metal fabrication for the petrochemical industry. Our sheet and plate metal fabrication services as well as our CNC machining services are available all over the United States. We understand the wear and use that Petrochemicals put on containers and other pieces of equipment used. We make sure each piece of equipment is safe from fire hazards and the brutal effects of chemical corrosion. For each container, tank, or pressure vessel that we build, we abide by industry standards to make equipment top notch and highly corrosion resistant.

Our metal fabrication services lie just outside of Charlotte, NC, but we’ll gladly will work with any company in the country. Our engineers are trained with high-quality expertise and precision in their craft. When you work with Thieman, you can ensure your custom metal parts will be ready to provide you with the strength and longevity that the petrochemical industry calls for. 

Our Machining Capabilities

The petrochemical industry is one that requires metal equipment that can deal with high corrosive environments from a variety of different chemicals and extremely high temperatures and pressure. Our CNC services and Metal fabrication services produce a variety of shells, tubing, tanks, and many other structures and equipment. As Carolina Custom Fabricators, our office just outside of Charlotte will help companies all over the United States by implementing a variety of different sheet and plate metal fabrication services. 

Our work includes creating parts and structures such as:

  • Scrubbers
  • Process Skid Packages
  • Heat Treaters
  • Bulk Silos
  • Vessels 
  • Platforms
  • Draw Works Frames
  • Equipment Skid Assemblies
  • Substructures
  • Offshore Riser Handling Systems
  • Derricks and Masts
  • Crane Booms
  • Offshore Cranes
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Piping
  • Oil and Gas Heat Exchangers
  • Condensers
  • Reactors
  • Evaporators
  • Tanks
  • Towers
  • Reboilers

High-Grade Metal Finishes For Petrochemical Parts

Our Metal Fabrication Materials

Why Industries All Over The Country Choose Us

– Durable Metal-

Our metal fabrication process produces highly durable and precision cut parts and prototypes .

– Fast Turnaround –

Our turnaround for fabricated parts are often processed and completed within just 2-3 weeks of an order.

– Material Variety –

Our metal fabrication services combine many options, ranging from the type of metal, it strength, finish, and durability.

– Scalable Manufacturing –

Our parts are manufactured on-demand, and our process allow us to effectively create 1 prototype or 1000s of parts.

Building For Every Industry

A point of purchase display made from sheet metal fabrication.
Point of Purchase Display
Using Metal fabrication for the power industry to create products for power plants.
Power Generation
Two telecommunication industry satellites made from metal fabrication.
Light holders made from metal fabrication for the lighting industry.
Metal fabrication services to assist the utility industry.
Electric towers made from carolina metal fabricators in the energy market.
Energy Markets
A mining machine using tools and equipment made from steel metal fabricators in Charlotte nc
A train using supplies made from metal fabrication for the railroad industry.
Metal equipment for the oil and gas industry
An airplane on a runway.
Aerospace & Defense
A picture of a fabricated robotic arm.
Robotics Fabrication
Medical Fabrication
Part of the engine being show inside the metal hood.
Automotive Fabrication

Request A Quote for Metal Fabricated Parts

As a trusted metal fabricator in North Carolina, we have provided custom metal parts and equipment to industries all over the United states. With competitive quotes on pricing and high turnaround times, we have established ourselves as the top choice for metal fabrication in the country.  

With over 30 years in the metal fabrication industry, Thieman guarantees high-quality products and equipment that are fit for any industry we build for. Ensure your next piece of equipment is built by someone who demands precision and excellence.