Metal Fabrication for Point of Purchase Displays

When companies need metal fabrication for their point of purchase displays, they contact Thieman Manufacturing to assemble high-quality point of sale displays. We can assemble a wide variety of different retail displays thanks to our CNC Machining Services and Sheet Metal Fabrication Services. Our abilities allow us to accurately construct your CAD files to give you the best ability to showcase your product or service. We make custom point of purchase displays right!

TMT has been working with companies all over the country to help with their custom point of sale displays for over 30 years. Located just outside of Charlotte, NC, we have established ourselves as one of the top metal fabricators in the country. Our skills as Charlotte steel fabricators are why so many companies choose our engineers to help them showcase their products. By submitting a quick quote, we will have an estimate ready for you in no time. You’ll be one step closer to getting your custom point of purchase display ready for use. 

Our Machining Capabilities

For Pop displays, we guarantee the highest-quality work to help your company properly display your products or business. We know how important point of sales displays are for trade shows, showrooms, or inside your physical place of business. Our machining capabilities include producing high-quality, reliable metal parts for industries of all kinds. We are experienced craftsmen in our line or work so we have the skill and experience to get you exactly what you need. TMT provides services for rapid prototyping or large-scale metal parts. With Thieman Manufacturing, you can expect quick turnaround and precision detailing. Fill out a quote and our engineers will send you a quick and accurate estimate to help you get started as soon as possible. 

Our Work Includes Creating A Variety of Metal Parts for POP Displays All Over The U.S.

  • Store fixtures
  • Custom Wire Displays
  • Countertops
  • End Caps
  • Wall Units
  • Free Standing/ Floor Displays

High-Grade Metal Finishes

Our Metal Fabrication Materials

Why Industries All Over The Country Choose Us

– Durable Metal-

Our metal fabrication process produces highly durable and precision cut parts and prototypes .

– Fast Turnaround –

Our turnaround for fabricated parts are often processed and completed within just 2-3 weeks of an order.

– Material Variety –

Our metal fabrication services combine many options, ranging from the type of metal, it strength, finish, and durability.

– Scalable Manufacturing –

Our parts are manufactured on-demand, and our process allow us to effectively create 1 prototype or 1000s of parts.

Building For Every Industry

Using Metal fabrication for the power industry to create products for power plants.
Power Generation
A train using supplies made from metal fabrication for the railroad industry.
Two telecommunication industry satellites made from metal fabrication.
Light holders made from metal fabrication for the lighting industry.
Electric towers made from carolina metal fabricators in the energy market.
Energy Markets
A mining machine using tools and equipment made from steel metal fabricators in Charlotte nc
Metal structures and equipment created by steel fabrication in charlotte nc for the petrochemical industry.
Metal fabrication services to assist the utility industry.
Metal equipment for the oil and gas industry
Part of the engine being show inside the metal hood.
Automotive Fabrication
A picture of a fabricated robotic arm.
Robotics Fabrication
An airplane on a runway.
Aerospace & Defense
Medical Fabrication

Request A Quote for Custom Metal Parts

With 30+ years of trusted steel fabrication experience, companies all over the country trust us to construct their point of purchase displays. Each part we produce is precisely made with durability and excellence. Request a quote to determine if we are in-fact the right fabricators for your home. You can see first-hand how cost-effective our metal fabricated parts truly are. 

 We fabricate a variety of different parts, so if you do not see what you are looking for above, contact us to see if we can make the part you need.