Carbon Steel Parts

For over 20 years, our mission at Thieman Manufacturing Technologies has been to provide exceptionally precise metal parts. Each of our custom carbon steel fabricated parts are handled with the utmost detail to give the highest-quality part possible. 

Carbon steel is one of our most popular metals that we work with. It’s classified by its carbon content where the higher the carbon amount, the stronger the steel. Used in a variety of different industries, it can be formed, cut, milled, punched, and welded. There are three types of carbon steel where each one has a different strength level to produce products such as pipes, chains, screws, hammers, or screw drivers.

Types of Carbon Steel

With a carbon content less than .25 wt.%, low carbon steel is one of the most popular types of carbon steel used. They are relatively soft and have a low strength.

Containing a carbon content of .25 wt% – .60 wt%, this type of carbon steel has greater strength than low carbon steel but is much less ductile and tough.

This type of carbon steel has a carbon content of .60 wt% – 1.25 wt%. It has the highest hardness and toughness of carbon steel but is also the least ductile. It is very wear-resistant since it is always high tempered and hardened. 

Features of Carbon Steel

A low cost option with good formability and weldability, but also low strength. 

This option features good strength, ductility, and toughness.

A hard high strength option with wear resistance. 

Metal Fabrication Machining Options for Carbon Steel

CNC Milling – Our precision metal bending services are intended to bend sheet metal into various shapes such as a “V” or a “U” shape. At TMT Fab, our technicians use press-brake forming, swaging, rolling, and various other metal-bending solutions to deliver high-quality precision results. 

CNC Turning – This process pieces away at a metal bar until it is formed into the desired shape. 

CNC Punching – State of the art technology gives all our CNC machining equipment the benefits of increased production capacity, speed, and versatility all while providing exceptional results.

Laser Cutting – The ideal solution to burn, melt, cut, or vaporize small-medium sized metals to leave precise edges and high-quality surface finishes.

Metal Forming – This process aggressively bends metal sheets and plates between 90 tons and 175-250 tons. Our technician operated press brakes can make predetermined bends resulting in a variety of different shapes.

Metal Rolling – TMT’s custom plate rolling and sheet rolling machines can accurately roll steel and aluminum to almost any custom dimension, thickness, or specification, with enough speed to meet even high-volume production orders.

Metal Sawing – Our metal sawing capabilities allow us to precisely cut any shape, angle, bar, pipe, tubing, and channel with ease.

MIG & TIG Welding – These welding services produce high precision finished metals for a variety of different industries. MIG welding is great for producing high strength finished products, while TIG welding is typically used to weld thinner metals and requires precision and complex control. 

Metal Finishes for Formed Parts

Also called “Bead Blasting,” this finish creates a smooth matte appearance on metals.

Parts and applications may have an anodized finish for a wide variety of custom colors, which may include clear, black, gold, or desired custom colors.

  • – Type II Anodized Finishing creates a finish that is resistant to corrosion.
  • – Type III Anodized Finishing creates a thicker finish that is more wear resistant than its lesser option.

Powder coating is a painting process where powdered paint is sprayed on a part or application prior to heating. The result is a strong layer that is more resistant to wear and corrosion.

This process also allows for a wide selection of colors for the further  customization of color.


This layer of zinc coating provides protection from corrosion.

This three-step process coats fabricated metals in a bath of molten zinc, protecting it from corrosion.

A process that alters the physical and chemical properties of a metal, by heating it or cooling it to extreme temperatures to make the material harder or softer. 

Using a pump, spray, or pressurized vessel, liquid paint is evenly applied to a part or application.

This dipping (immersion) process uses organic paint particles, where the paint based finish is able to stick on a metal surface with the help of electrical currents. 

If a custom finish is required for an order, or the finish is not listed on our site, please include this information when requesting a quote. We can likely still complete the project. 

Request A Quote for Custom Fabricated Carbon Steel Parts

Our quotes are designed to be competitive on pricing, and provide high turnaround times for project pricing. We’re able to provide 24-hour quotes, and complete most within the Same Day. 

Our custom fabricated carbon steel parts are offered at a national level in the United States. Each part is made with precision detail to produce a high quality, durable finished piece. With 20+ years in the metal fabrication industry, Thieman guarantees quality, competitive pricing, and fast turnaround times to provide complete customer satisfaction.